About Jerry Ganz

This page is dedicated to the memory of Jerry Ganz.

Jerry Ganz

It has been said that for a truly great golfer the golf-club is just "an extension of the arm" ... Similarly, for a truly great woodworker it can be said that he was gifted with "a golden hammer." Such was true of Jerry Ganz.

From his high school shop class days, which earned him various awards, through the times he traveled the New York City subways with a handyman's tool box, repairing doors, drawers, windows or what have you, everything to which Jerry set his hand was autographed with excellence. It was only fitting therefore, that he should be featured in a 1958 issue of "Mechanix Illustrated" magazine and be a recipient of their "Golden Hammer Award."

After earning a Bachelor's degree in Physics from the University of Long Island and an acceptance from Cornell University Veterinary School (which he chose to decline in favor of a career in construction) Jerry and wife Sylvia relocated to Scranton, PA. There he chose to permanently settle, continuing his handyman service which gradually grew into new home construction in Scranton's "hill section."

Jerry's reputation for quality, honesty and integrity drew him into the world of General Contracting where he left his mark on the commercial and industrial construction market of northeast Pennsylvania. Along the way Jerry was involved in countless additions, re-modelings and restorations of many of the area's significant historical landmarks, manufacturing facilities, schools, hospitals, offices, houses of worship ... and the list goes on. Accordingly, he participated in the early development of the City of Scranton's Contractors' Licensing Board.

In his later years, Jerry continued to win the respect of all those encountered.

One subcontractor who was an associate for decades put it this way ... "No matter how discouraged you felt when you entered, you could not leave Jerry's office without feeling good about yourself and life in general"

Perhaps a "Golden Hammer" can do more than drive nails?

Jerry Ganz